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New Approach To Acne Control – By Mike Walden

Acne has been around since the earliest civilizations. And although medicine and dermatology have already advanced, many people in the modern world are still menaced by it. The truth is that almost everyone will have to deal with this problem. And although it usually plaques teens, it can also happen to adults.

But your luck may have just come. Thanks to the efforts of Mike Walden, a new and effective solution to acne is made available to thousands of people. He detailed his acne treatment solution in his eBook titled Acne No More. If you are interested, read more and learn about its magic.

The acne control solution that Mike Walden came up with is an 8-week detoxification diet plan designed to flush bodily toxins. These toxins are believed to cause pimple outbreaks. If followed correctly, this diet plan can get rid of acne breakouts in a short period of time. Yes, it does require a lot of discipline in following the instructions carefully. But considering the benefits, it is all worth it.

And throughout the 8-week diet plan, there will be shorter periods of fasting that will be included. These includes juice fasting which are designed to cleanse the kidney and liver of toxins. If you do these things correctly, not only will you get rid of pimples but you will also have an overall healthier body.

And to make sure that he addressed all possible sources of acne breakouts, Mike Walden also covered the emotional causes of pimples. He understands that pimples are also caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. And when a person is emotionally unstable or is physically stressed, hormonal imbalances can occur.

This is why the author dedicated sections in his eBook that deals with stress management. With the help of this, readers can avoid situations that can worsen the condition of their acne. From observation, it seems that many people are ignoring this chapter. However, it is a very effective tool if used correctly.

Another beauty of the 8-week diet plan of the eBook Acne No More is that it does not require the use of any topically applied acne treatments. You will not be using creams, lotions, astringents, or solutions. This will be a pleasing idea for people who cannot put up with applying cosmetics to their skin several times per day. Also, this will help you prevent cosmetic-related side effects.

For instance, many acne treatment creams and lotions available in the market contain ingredients which can cause allergic reactions. Some of these ingredients may actually be good but only for short term use. Tretinoin for example has always been used to treat acne. But it can also result in skin discoloration and skin photosensitivity. Even high-grade ingredients like AHA and BHA can sometimes result in dryness.


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