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Overcoming Panic Attack Disorder - Consider Brain Entrainment

Learning the best approach for overcoming panic attack disorder is something that will help you regain control of your life. It is estimated that 10% of the population worldwide suffer from some level of panic disorder. Those affected by panic and anxiety disorder experience feelings of nervousness, general unease, worrying, and general fear. Some of the physical symptoms you are likely to have are strong heart palpitations that seem like your heart will explode out of your chest, loss of bowel control, profuse sweating, or cold and clammy feeling with a very nauseous stomach. These feelings are real, but the reason for them is based on psychological factors.

If you experience these symptoms, then getting help is important. As you work on an approach for overcoming panic attack episodes, it is important to figure out how to unravel the years of conditioning you have put in place to deal with this disorder. The years of dealing with these attacks become so ingrained that they become expressions of the old fight or flight syndrome. To deal with these attacks, psychologist might use a method call brain entrainment therapy to help you deconstruct the panic attack conditions. There is a neurological circuit known as the bio survival circuit that is important to human's survival. It is an important trait that has allowed humans to evolve to where we are now. The problem starts when you begin to operate mostly from this state of being. When you are this state, the result is hap-hazard and irrational behavior, since the only instinct is to run as fast as possible from danger when you are in this state.

As you are working on Overcoming Panic Attack problems, the first thing to do is accept the anxiety as part of who you are. It then becomes possible to manage it to where it doesn't control you, but instead it becomes something you use when you need it for a situation. Essentially you are able to channel the energy into positive things rather than fear. Doing this, essentially creates a boundary between you and the attack so you can objectively observe the symptoms and accept them for what they are. Remember, you were not born to have panic attack disorder.

The use of Brain Entrainment to help you in overcoming panic attack issues is a method that helps you to effectively retrain your mind to adjust to your different levels of being. For example, if you want to cause yourself to get sleepy you can listen to a delta or theta wave frequency sound. This sound induces sleepiness. Using this same theory, it has been shown that the fear and anxiety factor being displayed on an EEG sound frequency for panic attacks is in the 23 to 40 Hz range. The solution then is to apply a slower frequency of 7-13 Hz. This would counterbalance the fear and anxiety feelings that are required to help you in overcoming panic attack disorder.
It has been shown that engaging in this form of therapy for 15 minutes each day, that you retrain your brain function to a calm state when those feelings that cause anxiety and fear occur. One of the most important benefits of this is that you realize that you have complete control of your life again.


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