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Panic Attack Origins And Remedy For the Sickness

Panic Attack Origins And Remedy
Panic disorder signals may indicate that there is a serious situation which could affect you over a long phase of time. A doctor should be seen after a panic disorder occurs. Indications may be a thought of looming death, lightheadedness, headache, chest ache, hyperventilation, tightness in the throat, trouble swallowing, vomiting, abdominal cramps, trembling, a fast heart pace, heart pounding, hot flashes, shallow breath, sweating and chills.

Someone may go through a few, or a lot of these symptoms. The attack may last about a half hour, and the person may feel very drained after the incident. They may become very afraid of suffering from another incident.

If the person suffers more frequent attacks, they may be experiencing panic disorder. These attacks can impede seriously in the lives of the persons suffering from these attacks, and also the people near them. Panic attacks can happen at any point without notification. It can become so severe that the sufferer could even acquire agoraphobia (dread of the outdoors or open spaces), since the person may be fearful that they may have another incident in the open.

Origins and Risk Factors
There is no surefire way to identify the cause of panic attacks. It may be hereditary, caused by anxiety, or caused by changes in the way parts of the brain operate. It may be caused by a fight-or-flight response to threat. There are factors that can multiply the danger of experiencing a panic attack, or suffering from panic disorder. Some may include a abrupt loss in the family, diagnosis of a ailment, significant anxiety, childhood sexual, emotional, or physical abuse; a family record of panic attacks or panic disorder, and many others.

Prevention And Remedy
Antidepressants may be prescribed by medical doctors, psychiatric help or counseling can help treat panic disorders.
There is no surefire way to put a stop to attacks from occurring, but looking for medical treatment straight away after experiencing an incident may prevent it from getting worse or from occurring repeatedly. Practicing relaxation methods, yoga, and meditation may also assist to relieve anxiety. Keeping away from caffeine, illegal drugs and alcohol are also effective. Finally, physical activity and getting enough rest helps.

All healing methods do have their value both prescription and natural and are recommended by those looking to relieve their attacks. Why allow the disease to control your life when such convenient healing options are within reach? Again, treatment for the disease can be found by talking to your doctor or through therapy counseling service. In the U.S., there's also a national 211 number that you can call to find support groups, health services and even counseling for the condition. A website for the groups that sponsor the 211 service in your area is available and can be found by visiting The website will provide phone numbers and addresses for the sponsoring groups who will be able to direct you to the proper services in your area.


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