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Passive smokers find Electronic Cigarette Safe

Electronic cigarette ensures that passive smokers do not have to suffer for the habit of others.

Smokers hardly care for the people around them, for they are usually busy in having a smoke. But the inconveniences they cause to the passive smokers are huge and affect them very seriously. Electronic cigarette and the e-vapor exhaled from it are safe for passive smokers to a great extent.

Firstly, electronic cigarette gives out no smoke. The reasons for this fact are inter-linked. Electronic cigarette does not work on fire. There are no dried tobacco leaves in it. The whole device works on sensors, and thus, there is no trouble regarding smoke.

Secondly, all the magic of no smoke is because of the e-liquid that is contained in the e-cig. The nicotine in the e-liquid is dissolved and diluted by four other liquids. These liquids also include a widely used pharmaceutical food additive known as Propylene Glycol. The e-liquid of e-cigarette is also free from at least 4,000 carcinogenic materials that are immensely harmful and are found in tobacco cigarettes.

Thirdly, the e-vapor that comes out on exhaling the e-liquid is 90% pure water vapor. It consists only 10% of nicotine, and this considerably less amount results from the fact that the nicotine is already diluted in the e-liquid.

Finally, one of the many reasons why an Electronic Cigarettes is safe for passive smokers is that there is no fire involved. Thus, the unnecessary ringing of fire alarm does not cause any trouble when an electronic cigarette user is vaping it even indoors.

To answer to the plight of passive smokers, most of the countries all over the world have banned the smoking of cigarette. Troubles caused by cigarette are not limited to the smokers themselves. Passive smokers, especially children, suffer from severe ear and nose infections, chronic infection of the throat, asthma, tuberculosis, and even brain tumor. Tobacco smoke has caused pregnant mothers to deliver underweight children and also mentally sterilized children. People who remain in the constant vicinity of cigarette smokers are more likely to suffer from throat irritations which do not relieve them easily as the smoke is almost always there around them.

E-cigarette has been accepted in many countries as a proper substitution for tobacco. Chewing gums or such products have a high quantity of tobacco in it. The "oral fixation", as smokers call it, is a high problem for those who want to quit.

E-cig is not as harmful for the passive smokers as well to the smokers themselves. The feeling of a cylindrical thing between your fingers, that you can inhale as and when you like, is a habit and no chewing gum can get you out of it. only something similar to it can work. And e-cigarette is exactly what you require to keep your family happy and safe. The family of a smoker suffers most because they stay with the person most of the times. E-cig is a great help for passive smokers in this way as well that it helps the smoker to quit gradually and without any trouble.

E-cig starter kit is a great way to start vaping electronic cigarette.


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