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Phobias, Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Have you always heard people talking about phobias, but didn't quite know the exact definition of a phobia? Well, in short a phobia is a fear. More specifically, it is an irrational fear. It causes people to avoid things or situations.

These are different from anxiety and panic attacks. This is because the phobia is related to some specific trigger. This fear is usually irrational, meaning it doesn't make any sense. The response is unusual and isn't a normal response to the trigger. One example is agoraphobia which takes place when someone avoids a specific place or situation so the avoid a panic attack or anxious feelings. People that have agoraphobia while usually put themselves in a position where they will not be embarrassed. They will often change how they act so they avoid feelings of anxiety.

Social anxiety is a different anxiety disorder which causes someone to feel judged or have a negative reaction so socializing. They will often avoid others out of fear of public embarrassment. This included people who suffer from stage fright, have a fear of intimacy. This can cause a person to have trouble leading a normal life.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a bit different. This disorder is another type of anxiety disorder. It is characterized by people who do repeated actions over and over, that have no rational motive. But yet, these actions help alleviate the anxiety that they are feeling. An example of OCD might be someone who always shuffles their feet when they walk, because the fear that if they don't they might float away. Another example is someone who washes their hands compulsively. This means they wash their hands more times than is normal for cleaning your hands. They might also clean certain things or adjust picture frames for hours, until they are absolutely perfect.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is another anxiety disorder. This anxiety originates from events that happened to the sufferer in the past. These events might be things like combat in the military, a serious accident, or rape. These are just a few examples that can lead to flashbacks, and cause someone's behavior to be altered when presented with certain stimuli.

General anxiety can be explained as feelings that can cause you to be nervous, or fear things, in an irrational manner. Anxiety disorders can be very debilitation. Even mild cases of anxiety can get in the way of life's daily tasks. People often will say that anxiety is when a reaction to situation is out of the ordinary, compared to what would be a normally expected reaction. For more info I would suggest that you purchase Panic Away.


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