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The Potentially Dangerous Complications of Plant based Dieting Programs

If you give any attention to weight loss products, then you are well aware of the hundreds of available products. Make no mistake that diet pill makers know exactly about the power of so called all-natural products. That is why you constantly see the use of plant based materials on the product labels because the marketing is successful. But there's a strong word of caution to consumers with these programs. Initially, lots of people see the words, natural or herbal, and they assume the product is safe. People do not question the safeness of these items, plus they are unaware of real dangers to health and life. However, numerous herbal products do have possible negative effects, and there can often be dangerous bad reactions with prescription drugs. Another potential problem is present because some individuals may be vulnerable or prone toside effects while others may not.

Then we next come to a subject which has been debated and causes great concern among physicians. A lot of all the natural products out there have not been the subject of medical scrutiny. What often takes place is a research study will be conducted on behalf, and paid for by, the maker that wants to promote the product. As is straightforward, that reveals certain concerns such as unbiased research. So it is no surprise when the results are good and the claims are wonderful. Regrettably, most people do not even take the time to think about these schemes. The obvious probable loser in these products are the people who buy and take them.

Out of all the so-called herbal diet products in the past, very few have been significantly studied. But, take ephedra plus caffeine for example, those two in fact will cause quick weight loss. The US Food and Drug Administration finally banned ephedra because people became critically ill and some died from using it. Most recently a new substitute emerged, Hoodia was released on the market amidst a lot of marketing and buzz. This solution, which is a plant derivative coming from South Africa, has been studied to some degree. You should know that hoodia can present dangerous potential side effects for certain people. Hoodia tends to block several natural feedback mechanisms involving hunger and thirst. If you have any health concerns, and even if you don't, it is best to discover all you can prior to using it.

Here is a great example of what can take place with unproven, untested plant based dieting ingredients. This happened in Belgium, and what happened is around seventy people had failure in their kidneys after they took an herbal diet product. Fifty additional people experienced various degrees of kidney damage. Also, there was clearly proof of lesions that were cancerous in a number of the kidneys that were taken from those people. After investigation, it was learned that the manufacturer made a mistake during the process and used the incorrect active herbal ingredient.

History is rich in stories about good uses for herbal remedies to treat many ailments. The ideal approach is to really become an educated buyer prior to making use of such ingredients. Unfortunately there will almost always be a portion of people who will never exercise good prudence in these situations.


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