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The Potentially Dangerous Side Effects of Organic Dieting Products

You will discover so many dieting, fat burning and lose the fat items on the market that it can be difficult making a choice. Make no mistake that diet product makers know exactly about the power of so called natural products. That is the reason why you always see the use of herbal materials on the labeling because the marketing works well. There are actually many real and potential difficulties with this scenario. A naive consumer is perhaps the difficulty because people do have a tendency to immediately trust something which is natural, or herbal. People usually do not question the safeness of these products, plus they are unaware of real potential risks to health and life. Not only can there be harmful interactions with common drugs, but the herbal products often have their own problems. People vary in what they are able to tolerate, and what may be fine for large numbers may be harmful to a particular few.

There is just one more significant point to remember about herbal substances in diet pills. There are far too many herbal plant products for clinical and scientific investigation to completely study for health and safety. What frequently occurs is a scientific study will be conducted on behalf, and paid for by, the manufacturer that wants to market the product. Needless to say we have a conflict of interest in this case for the research or testing service. So it is hardly surprising when the results are good and the promises are fantastic. However, most people do not even bother to think about these schemes. The obvious potential loser in these products will be the individuals who buy and take them.

Out of all the plant based diet supplements through the years, very few have been seriously studied. One exception is ephedra whenever used in combination with caffeine because they actually produce results for weight reduction. The US Food and Drug Administration finally banned ephedra because people became severely ill and some died from using it. Well, incredibly enough something brand new appeared on shelves, hoodia. Fortunately, some solid investigation has been done on hoodia, but definitely not enough. What is known concerning this dieting plant is some could be at risk if they take it. The way hoodia is effective is it stops the ability for the brain to recognize thirst and hunger sensations. So this product must be treated with extreme caution if used.

Here is a great example of what can happen with unproven, untested herbal fat reduction ingredients. A weight reduction herbal product was sold in Belgium which ended in kidney failure for approximately a hundred people. Around fifty or so more men and women encountered damage to their kidneys. When some kidneys were taken out and examined, they were found to have precancer as well as actual cancer conditions. What in fact took place was the wrong herbal compound was found in that particular diet supplement.

There isn't any question that herbal plants have their place in alternative medicine. However, obviously any person must exercise careful attention. The sensible and safe way is to perform overwhelming investigation should you wish to try any kind of herbal product for losing weight.


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