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PTSD Loses the War of Anger When God Fights Our Battles

PTSD Loses the War of Anger When God Fights Our Battles

The oldest enemy throughout time is the emotion of anger.
Amos 1:11 depicts how it tears perpetually when kept by him or her.

Those of us that battle PTSD know its effects quite well day to day.
Sometimes it is deflected towards authority figures clothed in faulty array.

Anger's best friend prompts judging, negative thoughts, too.
What we need to know is that what we think creates joy or what makes us Blue!

The counter-force to this all is following the principle of right judgment.
We obtain this as we contemplate it through thoughtful, fair discernment.

What happens then when we have judged and the verdict is evil purpose?
The answer is avoidance of anything that separates God from us.

Scripture tells us to contemplate and celebrate those things that have virtue.
Push aside ignorance, criticism, and any negative thoughts that will hurt you.

Keeping our dark emotions in check is a constant commitment to holy devotion.
Deep breathing while equally counting in and outward breaths clears such emotion.

A strategy is to agree to mentally stop pushing blame where it does not belong.
Doing so will make your life and soul sing a new song!

The nemesis of anger from our past trauma is the act of forgiveness.
Without it, the element of healing most necessary will be painfully remiss.

When we forgive others we are in training to also absolve ourselves, too.
The latter has been the most distressing and difficult for me to do.

PTSD has a skewed sense of justice that pursues our inward punishment.
Do not doubt there is a devil that delights in our self-destructive judgment!

The fallen one derives joy from our self-delusion that we deserve our plight.
The holy weapons to conquer this are faith and trust in God's might!

A tip to ponder is the power of God to heal the deep, depression of joy lost.
Thinking back on my own painful journey this loss carried the greatest cost.

The lesson learned was that happiness comes only with a healthy relationship with God.
Putting Him first in all or supplications lifts our souls from the past's mental sod.

At this point of surrender it is that anger fails to have its supremacy any more.
There is a blessed freedom that rings with gratitude to Christ that makes our souls soar!


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