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Not all makeup can overcome heat, humidity, rain and eight hours of the office environment. But thankfully, even the most seemingly dire makeup mishaps can be fixed discreetly in the office with a carefully packed tool kit. And better yet, most catastrophes can be prevented in the first place by using the right products.

Read on to learn what to pack in your tool kit and how to use these products to refresh your makeup midday.

How to fix - and prevent - common makeup mishaps at the office

Faded foundation

Prevent: In the summer, it's best to skip foundation and let your skin breathe. But if you can't part with it, choose a powder foundation that is lighter and less likely to run or smear during the course of the day. Matte powder foundations like bareMinerals MATTE SPF 15 Foundation will also help minimize shine in warm weather.
Fix: If you find your foundation a bit faded, or you just need an afternoon pick-me-up, dab some concealer under your eyes and over problem areas to give your face a renewed look. Blotting your face with blotting papers throughout the day can also help absorb oil without messing up your makeup.
Uneven lipstick

Prevent: The simplest way to keep lipstick evenly distributed is to use a lip primer, which essentially creates an even base for your color and keeps your hue strong throughout the day. As M.A.C. Cosmetics Senior Artist John Stapleton says, "If you want paint to stick on the wall you need to prime it first." Try a primer like Too Faced Lip Insurance to keep your lipstick from fading, bleeding and creasing.
To learn more tricks and tips on lipstick, see our article Change Your Look: Eye MakeupHistory and How-To.

Fix: If you have a lipstick dilemma but are without your makeup bag, try dabbing a cotton swab dipped in a little moisturizer over the smudged area to diffuse the color. To redistribute color and give your lips a renewed look, swipe on a sheer lip gloss or balm.
Smudged eyeliner

Prevent: Unfortunately, eye pencils don't bode well in the hot summer months, and often end up looking smudged or patchy after a few hours. For all-day wear in the summer, switch to waterproof liquid eye liner, like Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner.
To learn more about eye liner, see our article Change Your Look: Eye Makeup History and How-To.

Fix: If you don't have your eye liner with you to reapply the line, use a cotton swab dipped in a bit of water or moisturizer to blend the smudged areas. Better yet, keep an eye liner brush in your desk for a more professional-looking fix.
Creased eye shadow

Prevent: In the summer months, choose lighter, powder-based eye shadows instead of cream-based ones, which can make your eyes look sweaty and oily as the day goes on. To prevent the powders from creasing, start with an eye shadow base like Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer to give the shadow a foundation to cling to, keeping your color even throughout the day.
Fix: To quickly fix eye shadow creasing, smudge the shadow with your fingertips, a cotton swab or, even better, an eye shadow brush to re-blend the color. If you can, apply a neutral shade of eye shadow over your old makeup to smooth out the creases and freshen up your look.
Runny mascara

Prevent: Mascara can easily run in humid weather, so start by choosing a waterproof brand, like Colorescience Pro Waterproof Mascara, especially in the hot months of summer. Makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff explains, "Regular mascara tends to flake off and rub off." If you prefer your regular water-based mascara, at least use a waterproof brand as a second coat. If you still have trouble with running, try skipping mascara on the lower lashes, which is where mascara is most likely to smear and run.
To learn more about mascara, see our article Mastering the Art of Mascara: History and How-To.

Fix: If you find yourself with runny mascara midday at the office, blot the smudge away with a wet cotton swab or paper towel. Apply concealer under your eyes to cover up any remaining dark tinge.
Packing your office makeup tool kit

To fix your makeup during office hours, your basic office makeup tool kit should fit inside a small, portable bag and consist of:

Cotton swabs. Choose cotton swabs that are 100 percent cotton for high-quality results.
Moisturizer. A lightweight, oil-free lotion like Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer can help with everything from blending smeared foundation to removing mascara streaks.
Sheer lip gloss or balm. Try a non-sticky gloss like DuWop Elixrstix Clarity or a moisturizing balm like L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm to hydrate your lips and refresh dull lip color.
Eye liner and shadow brush. Pick a dual-sided brush like Jane Iredale Eyeliner Brow Brush, which will fix both liner and shadow issues.
Neutral shade eye shadow. Choose a travel-friendly pressed powder shadow like Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow, which will help fix smudged shadow regardless of the shade you put on this morning.
Concealer. Keep a multi-purpose concealer in your kit, like CoverBlend Multi Function Concealer, to help disguise makeup imperfections, redness or a pesky pimple.
Blotting papers. These lightweight sheets will remove excess shine while leaving your makeup intact. Try Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens.


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