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Tobacco oil – make smoking cheaper

E-Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are the "in thing" now for those who want to kick the habit of smoking but, yet want to retain the aroma of tobacco. Mint, cherry, apple are some of the flavors of electronic cigarettes. In order to get the scent of tobacco, that has the fragrance of Marlboro is added. When this is done the smoker of the e-cigarette gets the authentic taste of cigarettes even though there is no tobacco being burnt. Tobacco oil possesses the taste of Marlboro alone and this scent is added to the cigarette. Marlboro is a world wide favorite brand of cigarettes. Taking this aroma into account the is scented. Thus this property in decreases the yearning for cigarettes by satisfying the smoker with the aroma without burning actual tobacco and inhaling the dangerous smoke. Tobacco oil is harmless because it is only a vapor that is being inhaled and not the smoke of burnt tobacco or paper as in the case of cigarettes. The advantage of smoking with is that the act of smoking could take place anywhere without the need to look for an area that permits smoking.

Chain smokers who would have been susceptible to many illnesses, the e-cigarette are a welcome gadget. By smoking the e-cigarette using tobacco oil the same satisfaction is achieved as in smoking a cigarette but without the attending harm. Cigarette smoking using is also healthy in that passive smokers are not harmed that much.

A 20 ml cartridge of can last a long while. Tobacco oil has no carcinogens or tar. The nicotine in the tobacco is what causes heart disease and cancer. Tobacco oil is minus the nicotine hence these dangers are not present. For those who still need a "kick" from smoking the has a nicotine content ranging from zero to a high level of 10 - 14 mg / ml.

E-Cigarettes with a pack of vari flavored tobacco oil cartridges make an ideal gift for those who are quitting smoking. It is also ideal to present it to friends and loved ones in order to wean them off smoking. Anti - smoking organizations too could use the e-cigarette and as promotional items to get their message across. Maybe the advent of the e-cigarette and will lead to a smoking free society. 

Tobacco oil is available in a range of nicotine levels from zero nicotine to a high range of 10 14 mg / ml and is available in disposable and re usable cartridges.


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