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The truth about Candida diet and weight loss

The Candida diet is used for getting rid of the yeast infection by avoiding foods on which the yeast thrives. The foods mostly contain sugars. What you will be doing is to starve the yeast to death. The best thing about the diet is that you can lose weight by following it regularly. The weight you can lose by using the Candida cleanse is about 10-30% of your body weight. The amount of weight you lose also depends on the body weight of a person. If you need rapid weight loss you have to follow some simple guidelines as given below.

If you want to reduce the weight with the Candida diet include at least 40 grams of fiber daily. The amount of fiber you consume decides the action of your bowel and how much waste it can eliminate. The more of fiber you consume the better it is for your body. One thing you need to remember is to use different fiber sources instead of sticking to one type. Never stick to whole grains foods alone, eat a lot of fresh vegetables and try to include fiber shakes as well. The fiber shakes you drink should contain ingredients like chia, flax, hemp and psyllium.

You need to follow a regular schedule of anti-fungals and probiotics for enhancing the bowel movements. This also ensures that the elimination of the Candida yeast is continual and consistent. By using the probiotics and anti-fungals regularly you will be supporting regular and consistent bowel movements which also mean elimination of toxins and waste materials from your body. You may have to use the washroom at least 3-4 times daily.

The easiest way to enhance weight loss is by consuming a lot of raw vegetables as a part of your Candida diet. By consuming the vegetables you will be enhancing the fat burning process considerably. So whether you follow the Candida cleanse or not it is the best way to get rid of the accumulated wastes from your system. While following the diet ensure that you get the necessary doses of minerals and vitamins too. This helps to keep your body in good condition without the deficiency of any essential nutrients. People who are suffering from Candidiasis can continue the diet for about three months till the symptoms of the disease have disappeared. They can then slowly expand their diet to the normal foods. Others who are looking out for weight loss can also follow detoxification diet as long as you are able to eat a well-balanced meal.


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