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What Is ADHD And How Can It Be Diagnosed?

It is back to school time again and with this numerous new students are likely to be diagnosed by their local elementary school with ADD and ADHD. By now most individuals know that these are attention deficit problems, one which is associated to hyper activity and one that is not, that have been sprouting up in significant numbers over the past decade or so. More and more frequently these problems are developing and there are in fact a lot of reasons for this.

In general the population is stressed to the max and this is not only affecting adults but children too. We tend to have less tolerance for others now and we all find ourselves tangled up in knots virtually all the time. There is very little to it besides the stress is seeping through all of us. When you look at the structure of adults it's no wonder that children are feeling the stress too and this stress seems to manifesting itself in children as a inabiility to focus and in adults in a lack of tolerance for those that is not going to march in a straight line. At the end of the day is the problem with the educators or with the children, well chances are a little of both but this is just one theory of the issues that are occurring revolving around ADD and ADHD these days.

Boys are more often impacted with these issues than girls and as a result it's believed that boys are becoming more aggressive. Some experts like to blame this trend on the growing number of video games that they're playing and others simply like to attribute this trend to the break down of the family and the growing number of deadbeat and absentee fathers. 

Perhaps ADD and ADHD are actually just a symptom of our need to have everyone conform and if they don't that we feel there is something wrong with them. Perhaps it's a symptom of a society that is struggling with issues that go well beyond what used to be considered the normal scope of things. 

As school rolls in more and more parents will be told that there is something wrong with their child. Some will medicate their kids immediately; others will rebel against the system. No matter what ensure that you really do your homework before blindly medicating your child for something they may perhaps or may perhaps not have. Because a 4 year old doesn't want to sit at his desk for hours on end doesn't mean that there is a problem with him but instead it is the system that really has the problems. 


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