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You Caught Your Child Smoking, What Should You Do

A majority of all smoking habits develop during the teenage years, and this is something that most smokers would vouch for. While children aren't really supposed to smoke, finding children as young as 12-13 years smoking is not uncommon. In Australia, close to a fourth of all children have tried smoking by level ten. So, if you have recently discovered that your child smokes, while it is a definite cause for concern, you really do not have to lose sleep over the matter.

See, the first thing that you have to realize is that a number of children try smoking without it turning into a habit, and this is where you can help. You, as a parent, have to ensure that your child has the right information when it comes to smoking, and your child should also be able to count on you for support if he/she wants help with quitting smoking.

Once you find out that your child smokes, the most important thing for you do is talk. Your child should know exactly how you feel about smoking. This can be a little problematic if either you or your spouse smokes. In such a situation it is important that you set an example by either quitting or by making a genuine effort to reduce. Also set rules surrounding smoking, and these should apply to everybody in the household (these could include making the car and home 'smoke free' zones).

Also, when you find out about your child's smoking, making them aware about all the possible health problems is important. This can be tricky because children could perceive this to be 'lecture' time; and talking about smoking related problems casually is more likely to have the desired effect. Losing your temper is almost certainly not going to help, and would only increase the chances of your child wanting to go and light up again.

If you think that your child has picked up smoking because of the company he/she keeps, then asking your child not to interact with the group of friends in question is also not going to help. This would only encourage your child to do so on the sly. Instead, invite the whole group over to your home, and over an otherwise fun filled evening you could show them a little presentation about the perils of smoking. Using the internet to get pictures and videos can help.

Remember, finding out that your child smokes is not the end of the world. Timely intervention and help can ensure that the trial period does not turn into a full-fledged habit.


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