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Countess LuAnn’s Top 10 Tips

luAnn de Lesseps

luAnn de Lesseps

Just in case you're invited to the next royal wedding, meet a celeb, or bump into a duke on the street! Hey, you never know! -Countess LuAnn de Lesseps,

Countess Luann, star of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York, author and singer, knows firsthand the money can't buy you class and that elegance is learned. Here are her Top Ten Class Tips that will make the world a more civil and happier place.

 1. Don't take yourself too seriously!

People are usually too concerned with their own shortcomings to take notice of yours. So accentuate the positive about yourself and do not focus on the negative.

2. Never stop learning.

Being interested is what makes you interesting. Find your passions and stay curious. When you try new things you will meet new people and discover more about yourself. You will have more energy and purpose when you take chances and try new things.

3. Be charitable and give to others.

Compassion is sexy and generosity is a huge part of elegance. So give what you can, when you can.

4. Beauty comes from within.

When you feel good inside, you will glow on the outside. So eat healthy, nutritious foods, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Your glow will grow when you take good care of yourself.

5. Make time to pamper yourself.

You have to carve out time for yourself. Most spa treatments can be done at home, including facials, hair conditioning treatments, and massage.

6. Learn the most common social graces.

Like how to make introductions and the proper way to use your dining utensils. Remember a little charm goes a long way so don't keep compliments to yourself.

7. Be more interested in what others have to say to you, than what you have to say to them.

Never ask a person "what do you do". Instead, let conversations unfold naturally and ask questions that show you are interested in the other person.

8. Celebrate often.

Throw parties and share special meals with the people you love to commemorate life's milestones or just to have fun. You don't have to spend a lot of money, but you must spend time so that your guests feel welcome and happy in your home.

9. Teach your children manners and etiquette from the very beginning.

Put your foot down on bad behavior and make it clear to your children that self-centeredness is unacceptable. Make sure your children get enough sleep and that they eat healthy meals every day. Children love routine, so be consistent.

10. Practice the "Golden Rule."

Treat people as you would like to be treated. A smile and a kind word go a long way to making others feel comfortable around you. You will be amazed by how much happier you will be when treat others with respect and courtesy.

To learn more about how to live with elegance and flair, read Luann's book 'Class With the Countess' and go to her site . You can follow Luann on Facebook and Twitter, @CountessLuAnn.


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