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How to access blocked sites

Hello there,

Today internet became daily need of lot of peoples, some government block some online service from their peoples, For example some sites block form china peoples by government. And we can see blocked some countries, Google search engine, and  Tamil net site from Sri Lanka and more sites blocked from lot of countries, and we can see some Google service never give for Asian countries, for example we can see web has never give Asian countries.

Now we can see how to we can access this blocked site through another proxies, today we can see lot of web sires provide this service from their proxies. For example we are going access you tube partner site using this method.

  1. We are type following address at browser, then press enter key.
  1. But it will comes We can’t access this partner site, because Google blocked this site and not provide this service for Asian countries. 
  1. Now we are going to see how to access this partner site using unblocked site, we can see lot of blocked site at internet. We are use one site for access that sites like this.

Then type, then press go button. Now you can see you tube partner site like this, it will very different from Site.          

Now you can see you tube partner site like above, now you can enjoy it now, I’m only test simple site, but you can use any blocked site using this feature,

Okay all.
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Hack facebook acount step by step

Hello there,
I’m today going to tell you, How to we can practically hack some face book account, Some times we need reset our face book password for the lot of reasons, If your password lost you cant log on your account, if you are fail give answer for the security question you never log on your face book account, it mean you permanently lost your lot of friends on face book.

Now I’m going to tell how to hack some ones face book account hack, I will describe it really with examples, First I think hack following friend on the face book,
This person is live at Sri Lanka, You can choose any one with your choice,  I will use online service for hack face book account,  First you must get that persons email address from contact details, Then go to following site.
Then log on, or sign up your account,
After log in your account you must click hack face book account tab from the top navigation bar.
Then you can see following screen, at this step you must provide required details, You can get face book email address from contact details at info link from the friend face book profile, then past that details here,
After providing required details you must press Hacking Face book button on the site, Then you can see following page with confirmation details.  At this step click on the “click here to get security code” button.

 Then press hacking Face book button, then it will begin hacking the account,
After encrypting password from the facebook account you will see MD5 hash password from the facebook account, it like this

Now you must follow next step to get password, now copy above MD5 Hash password and then past it somewhere it want later to decrypt.

Past MD5 HASH password here to decrypt, then press start button to start.
Then will decrypt your md5 hash password to actual password,
After decrypt password display as follows,

 now you must go to then provide user name and password as follows,
Then press login button to logging to the account, hacking account it will as follows.

now you can enjoy face book hacks, some times when we are log from the another location to the face book account it will ask security question it will difficult us for success with this task,

keeping reading we will provide hacks about gmail,ymail,hotmail, and more hacks,


Get More Fans

Hello there,

I’m to day going to describe “How to we can get more fans to our fan page”.  When you are going with fan page on face book you must have some fans on your niche, to day I’m going to describe to way to get lot of fans to your site.
Then you can send recommendation for your friends, at your account. It will be as follows.

You can get more fans by telling your fans, you can import you skype contact yahoo contact or you can upload contact form from your local computer, keep remember your maximum contact is 5000 only.
You can post updates and add mobile number to your fan page to improve more contacts.
Mainly we are use like box and like button for our web site or blog site. It can get as follows.
To add face book like box to the web click like box link in the plug in list, then you will see above box, then you must provide your details here. At face book page URL you must past your fan page URL, and then choose your option with satisfy. Then press get code button and copy past your code in to the blog or web source. If you like to add like button to your post you can add it same this, click add like button link and then it will display like this.

·                     Copy above code and past it to the blog or web source. Using this method you can add more face book plug-in
·                     Activity Feed
·                     Comments
·                     Face pile
·                     Like Box
·                     Like Button
·                     Live Stream
·                     Login Button
·                     Recommendations

Okay guys, I think you have understand all methods we can do with face book  fan page, and you must do this to your site to enjoy the web traffic. 

Okay bye, keep in touch