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You Caught Your Child Smoking, What Should You Do

A majority of all smoking habits develop during the teenage years, and this is something that most smokers would vouch for. While children aren't really supposed to smoke, finding children as young as 12-13 years smoking is not uncommon. In Australia, close to a fourth of all children have tried smoking by level ten. So, if you have recently discovered that your child smokes, while it is a definite cause for concern, you really do not have to lose sleep over the matter.

See, the first thing that you have to realize is that a number of children try smoking without it turning into a habit, and this is where you can help. You, as a parent, have to ensure that your child has the right information when it comes to smoking, and your child should also be able to count on you for support if he/she wants help with quitting smoking.

Once you find out that your child smokes, the most important thing for you do is talk. Your child should know exactly how you feel about smoking. This can be a little problematic if either you or your spouse smokes. In such a situation it is important that you set an example by either quitting or by making a genuine effort to reduce. Also set rules surrounding smoking, and these should apply to everybody in the household (these could include making the car and home 'smoke free' zones).

Also, when you find out about your child's smoking, making them aware about all the possible health problems is important. This can be tricky because children could perceive this to be 'lecture' time; and talking about smoking related problems casually is more likely to have the desired effect. Losing your temper is almost certainly not going to help, and would only increase the chances of your child wanting to go and light up again.

If you think that your child has picked up smoking because of the company he/she keeps, then asking your child not to interact with the group of friends in question is also not going to help. This would only encourage your child to do so on the sly. Instead, invite the whole group over to your home, and over an otherwise fun filled evening you could show them a little presentation about the perils of smoking. Using the internet to get pictures and videos can help.

Remember, finding out that your child smokes is not the end of the world. Timely intervention and help can ensure that the trial period does not turn into a full-fledged habit.

E Health Cigarettes – A Healthier Choice

The electronic healthy cigarette also known as e health cigarette was first conceptualized by Herbert A. Gilbert during 1963. It was meant to be a smokeless and harmless method of smoking intended to replace the traditional way of smoking. Up to date, the same principle still applies in the market of e healthy cigarette. The modern e health cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik in the year 2003.


An is an electrical piece of equipment that resemble like the usual cigarette. This e health cigarette feels and tastes like the real cigarettes, cigars or pipes. It is a battery operated plastic device that gives off an odorless and harmless mist. It is reusable and comes with refills, although some are disposable. Its size is usually measured in 38 x 9mm / 1.5 x 0.4 inches that is why it can be carried with less effort.


The e health cigarette is the better alternative for the traditional smoking. It is also a helpful approach to a smoker who badly wants to quit smoking. It gradually helps lessen the addiction of an individual towards smoking. The use of e health cigarettes reduces the Tar and Nicotine intake of a person and at the same time satisfies one's cravings for it. To make a good start, a smoker is advised to lower down slowly its nicotine content. When he is ready he may start using the no-nicotine flavored electronic cigarette filters. In that way it becomes a healthier and easier way to quit the deadly habit. Also, the struggle to resist smoking can be lessen in this way.


To use the e health cigarette, there is no need to light up the device. In that way, it poses a safer, less hazardous way to use. It is safer and will not be a threat to cause any unwanted fires and combustions. It claims to have a less detrimental effect on the smoker as well as to the second hand smokers. Making use of the e health cigarette gives the user a less guilty feeling towards habitual smoking. Every smoking experience with the becomes more enjoyable because of the varieties of flavors available. The most commonly patronized flavors are vanilla, strawberry, banana and grapes. Lastly, this can also be a great gift worth introducing to a friend who is dedicated and willing to eventually give up a long been kept practice- smoking!

Tobacco oil – make smoking cheaper

E-Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are the "in thing" now for those who want to kick the habit of smoking but, yet want to retain the aroma of tobacco. Mint, cherry, apple are some of the flavors of electronic cigarettes. In order to get the scent of tobacco, that has the fragrance of Marlboro is added. When this is done the smoker of the e-cigarette gets the authentic taste of cigarettes even though there is no tobacco being burnt. Tobacco oil possesses the taste of Marlboro alone and this scent is added to the cigarette. Marlboro is a world wide favorite brand of cigarettes. Taking this aroma into account the is scented. Thus this property in decreases the yearning for cigarettes by satisfying the smoker with the aroma without burning actual tobacco and inhaling the dangerous smoke. Tobacco oil is harmless because it is only a vapor that is being inhaled and not the smoke of burnt tobacco or paper as in the case of cigarettes. The advantage of smoking with is that the act of smoking could take place anywhere without the need to look for an area that permits smoking.

Chain smokers who would have been susceptible to many illnesses, the e-cigarette are a welcome gadget. By smoking the e-cigarette using tobacco oil the same satisfaction is achieved as in smoking a cigarette but without the attending harm. Cigarette smoking using is also healthy in that passive smokers are not harmed that much.

A 20 ml cartridge of can last a long while. Tobacco oil has no carcinogens or tar. The nicotine in the tobacco is what causes heart disease and cancer. Tobacco oil is minus the nicotine hence these dangers are not present. For those who still need a "kick" from smoking the has a nicotine content ranging from zero to a high level of 10 - 14 mg / ml.

E-Cigarettes with a pack of vari flavored tobacco oil cartridges make an ideal gift for those who are quitting smoking. It is also ideal to present it to friends and loved ones in order to wean them off smoking. Anti - smoking organizations too could use the e-cigarette and as promotional items to get their message across. Maybe the advent of the e-cigarette and will lead to a smoking free society. 

Tobacco oil is available in a range of nicotine levels from zero nicotine to a high range of 10 14 mg / ml and is available in disposable and re usable cartridges.

Starter kit, electronic cigarette kit, e-cig, electronic cigarette, quit

Those who say that to quit is easy have not been in any habit of years and do not know how hard it can be to quit something that has been with you for so long.

To live healthy, you need to have certain things under control. And exclusion of poisonous substances is a big name on the health check list. If you want to quit tobacco and all the harms related with it, you will need something that is healthier than it and yet not drastically different in shape or feel. This is e-cig or electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette is completely tobacco free and has none of the 4,000 or more poisonous carcinogenic materials that fill up 'analog' cigarettes. It is healthy, and this data proves it.

Tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, lead, arsenic and many such ingredients perforate the lungs of the smoker and cause cancer, cardio-vascular diseases and also chronic ulcers, coughs and infections. Electronic cigarette do not have any of them, and are thus safe for the user.

To quit tobacco smoking, you need e-cig starter kit. Starter kit gives you the freedom to use e-cig with a complete experience and without any halt. The items required to give you the initiative are rechargeable batteries, refill cartridges and a charger for the batteries. These are the basic items. With certain variations, the starter kits come in various price ranges. But what it helps you to get is a smoke-free, tobacco-free healthy life.

The link between health and electronic cigarette needs to be established now. Electronic cigarette is tobacco-free, and the vapor that is exhaled from it by the user is not 'smoke'. The vapor contains less than even a 10% of nicotine and has more than 90% of water vapor. The nicotine of e-cig is dissolved in four liquids, like propylene glycol, to keep it diluted and less harmful. Propylene glycol is a pharmaceutical food additive that is widely popular all over the world. Researchers have used such legal ingredients to make the fuel of electronic cigarette.

The nicotine content of e-cig starter kit can be regulated by the user. If you are a heavy smoker and it would need you quite some time before you can think of quitting completely, you can choose a level of e-cig nicotine that suits you and with the next time can lower the level so that you get habituated with the content and can think for reducing it further.
This e-vapor is not a life killer for passive smokers as well. The nominal amount of smoke coming out from it is mixed with a huge amount of water vapor and this dilutes the content of nicotine in the vapor. Tobacco vapor causes serious troubles to kids like asthma, chronic throat and nose infections and even tuberculosis because of the terrible ingredients in it. With electronic cigarette, the whole concept of smoke being dangerous for kids has been dissolved completely.

No more does the fire alarm threaten to ring loudly when you smoke indoors, for the e-cig vapor is smokeless. The water vapor dissipates into air in a few seconds and leaves no smell as well.
The reason electronic cigarette kit has become a big help for those who are now finding it better to quit tobacco than die of cancer, is that e-cig tastes like ordinary cigarette, and also looks like it. So, the hand fixation can be easily handled with the e-cig.
Electronic cigarette starter kit has many items with accessories as well and comes in a wide range of prices.

The super mini e-cigarette – an ideal alternative for conventional cigarettes

The super mini e-cigarette is available with seven refills. It is the latest technology of e-cigarettes and guarantees the users the full satisfaction of conventional cigarette smoking. A pack of super mini e-cigarette is an ideal gift for a birthday of a friend who smokes but needs to quit the habit. It is a great help not only for him but also for the people around him since it does not produce harmful smoke. Since e-smoking is odorless, people can smoke it even in public places. The smokers of the super mini e-cigarette do not have to light it that makes the habit of smoking e-cigarette safer than conventional smoking.  

A heavy smoker of conventional cigarettes can quit the bad habit successfully with super mini e-cigarette smoking. What the person has to do is to reduce the quantity of nicotine of the filter every time it is refilled. In this way, the amount of nicotine smoking can be reduced to a level in which non-nicotine cigarette flavor can be used in filters instead of real nicotine. The smoker receives the joy of smoking even though the content has no nicotine but only the flavor, which also can be changed to many varieties.  

The habit of smoking e-cigarette helps the smokers to reduce their cost on conventional smoking. Normally, one super mini e-cigarette can be smoked about 20 times more than a conventional cigarette. In addition to the much needed health protection, the economical advantages are an additional bonus for e-cigarette smokers. At present, normal cigarette smokers have no freedom to smoke as they wish at public places. They are despised even in their own homes due to the great health risks they cause to other non-smoking family members. If they opt to smoke super mini e-cigarette packs they can enjoy smoking to the fullest level without harming others around them.

The super mini e-cigarette does not produce carcinogens, tars or bad smells. They can be smoked inside or outside without any restriction. The smoker can enjoy smoking as well as minimize health hazards not only that affects their own body but also everyone concerned. The e-cigarette smoke does not add polluted agents to the environment as well.  The great advantage of smoking super mini e-cigarette is the opportunity to reduce health risks, which links with normal cigarette smoking. The statistics show a rapid increase of e-cigarette smokers nowadays. It is a positive symbol to show that current severe health problems related to normal smoking could be reduced in the future. 

Healing from Smoking with Hypnosis

For many centuries the Hypnosis was looked upon as an undefined phenomenon which, unfortunately, was miss understood. 
Not understanding how it works people feared it and have thought of it as some kind of dark magic. Even today, in some parts, the Hypnosis is still a mystery. 
Why is that? 
The answer is simple. 
We only use a very small percentage of our brain. 
There is so much more work to be done and the Hypnosis is only one of the ways that helps us figure out how our brain works. 
Maybe in years to come we will not have any more doubts in the techniques like Hypnosis because everyday that passes we learn more and more. 
Some day we may even have the full brain capacity on our disposal and we have just the benefits of this once "strange" technique.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Hypnosis.
As I have already mentioned throughout the history Hypnosis has been considered as a sort of sorcery or magic but also the medicine slowly began to approach it. 
In late part of 18th century it was also treated as an occult force, non of the less the interest of the medical community continued. 
Hypnosis was used, without being fully understood the nature of it, until the middle of the 19th century when the English physician James Braid studied this phenomenon and gave it terms after the Greek god of sleep - Hypnos. 
So the term Hypnosis was born.

Today Hypnosis is accepted worldwide as a therapeutic method by medical, psychiatric and other associations. It is often used in dental procedures, management of pain and in attempts to quit smoking.
Once you have decided that Hypnosis is the way for you, you can choose from a variety of techniques. The technique you choose depends on what you want to accomplish and also which method you found the most suitable for you.

The Hypnotist will explain the whole process of Hypnosis and typically induces you into Hypnosis by talking. 
Once you have fallen into the deep trance state, Hypnotherapist will suggest the way in which you can accomplish your goal, like eliminate the need to smoke or will for the cigarettes. When you are done you alone, or the hypnotist, will help you get out of the trance state.

What does Hypnosis?

Hypnosis makes you more open to suggestions. 
You became more receptive and more open in resolving the current matter you want to deal with.
One other way you may decide to take is Self-Hypnosis.
This is a very simple but powerful method. 
Maybe you haven't noticed yet, but you have been using it all your life in a form of fantasizing or daydreaming. 
Self-Hypnosis can bring you a lot of happiness or sadness depending how you make the use of it.

There is a great formula that introduced Bryan M. Knight, MSW, PhD, (holder of a degree in psychology from Sir George Williams University, a master's in social work from McGill University, and a doctorate in counseling from Columbia Pacific University for his dissertation, Professional Love: The Hypnotic Power of Psychotherapy), that says:

"Relaxation + imagination + self-talk = self-hypnosis"

"Pump your mind full of negative images and dismal thoughts and you practically guarantee that such negative self-hypnosis will bring you despair and failure. 
Fill your mind with optimistic images, talk to yourself with positive, uplifting messages and your subconscious will reward you with success.

Remember the 3 Rs: relaxation, repetition, results!

Relaxation of the body and the conscious (critical, evaluating, rational) part of the mind enables you to focus on deliberate change of the messages stored in your subconscious.

Repetition of positive messages eventually supplants the old negative messages.

The two together yield the results you seek."

So, what can you do with Self-Hypnosis?

What ever you want!

You can change an habit, win a marathon, control pain, calm panic, overcome a phobia, improve concentration, prepare for a job interview and so much more.
You alter your state of consciousness, state of suggestibility or, depends on how you call it, the form of conditioning and on a daily basis you can improve the quality of your life.

Remember, use the positive, specific and in present tense content of your suggestion.
As dr.Knight says:
"Your suggestions have to be positive in both purpose and content.
This means you do not use the word "not." (Because the subconscious ignores the word "not" and thus receives a command to do exactly the opposite of what you wish. Test that right now:
close your eyes and say to yourself "I will not think of a green elephant").
Also avoid saying you'll "try."
You wouldn't want a surgeon to tell you she'd "try" to take out your painful gall bladder, would you?
To "try" means you are unsure, only half-hearted, about your action."

So, to sum things up. 
Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that should not be miss used. 
You can improve the quality of your life and, finally, get rid of some old baggage. 
You can free yourself from all sort of fears, nasty habits and various problems.

So far, as I said for acupuncture, Hypnosis could be a real good way to get out of the "cigarettes hell" but you must to entrust the right specialist.
Fortunately there is a full revising of licenses and habitations by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and specialist like Matt Godson, a Clinical Hypnotherapist accredited, that is specialized in quit smoking programs, could be the right example of what I am talking about.

You can do what ever you want!

That's the beauty of Hypnosis!

The Type of Electronic Cigarette Reviews That You Should Read

You want to know what electronic cigarette is so you naturally optimize the search engine to get your needed information about the product. However, the internet is flooded with thousands of articles about e-cigarettes that you tend to get confused which article matters and which are plain advertisements posing as informative pieces. To help you get the information that matter, you should know which article you would bother to read and which should be forgotten. In this case, refer to electronic cigarette reviews to get an impartial background about the product. But then again, there are so many e-cigarette reviews out there so how will you know which of them is worth your time? To answer that, you can take a look at the following tips listed below for your convenience:

• Read electronic cigarette reviews that are done by actual users just so you would know that the feedback they shared is not biased but an honest-to-goodness review of the product and what they have to say about it. In this case, you can take a look at forums with electronic cigarette as its topic because this is where users usually express their two cents about the product or the particular brand they tried or is continually using.

• Consider electronic cigarette reviews that have the highest ratings or the ones that appear on the upper part when you optimize search engines because this only means that the reviews have received a good number of hits which placed them at the top of the search engine results.

• Consider reviews that do not blatantly endorse a particular brand of green smoke reviews because it is more of an advertisement rather than a review. When a company is endorsing a product, they would only tell you the strengths of the product and will not include its loopholes so you cannot rely on its objectivity.

• Also, only read electronic cigarette reviews that are factual and informative. Avoid reading reviews that are full of fluffy words that do not really mean a thing or articles that do not provide you with the information you need to know. If possible, check for reviews that provide a comparative view of two or more brands so you no longer have to check other pages to get the details you need. All you have to do is look at a single review and you will know everything you need to know about several brands without jumping from one website to another.

• Read electronic cigarette reviews that are backed with figures, surveys or if possible, studies that are conducted by reputable bodies. This way, you can now be sure that what you are reading is reliable and authentic.

• Get reviews on electronic cigarettes that present both the advantages and the Blu Electronic Cigarette of the brand, its strengths and weaknesses and other valuable information like where you can have it at a cheaper price or the best store for you to buy the product to avoid imitation or poor replica. 

Dangers and treatment of smoking

One of the most harmful habits developed by men and women around the world is smoking. This habit is now becoming common among teenagers as well. A person who smokes gets addicted to nicotine, one of the most harmful chemicals in the world. A large amount of nicotine is present in just one cigarette. Your brain produces a chemical called dopamine, which helps in calming you down in the times of stress. All nicotine does is increase the production of dopamine, which allows you to relax more than usual. When you try to stop smoking, your body finds it difficult to adjust to the lower amount of dopamine.

Your brain finds it difficult to produce the amount of dopamine that was produced under the influence of nicotine. This often results in a relapse and many people go back to their old habit of smoking. At times, the relapse can also worsen your habit of smoking. You should also be aware that smoking can cause several harmful health conditions, which can sometimes be fatal. Smoking can cause cancer of the lungs, liver, throat, mouth and bladder. It can also cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Smoking can cause your blood vessels to constrict and narrow down, a condition known as atherosclerosis.

This condition can further lead to several cardiovascular complications such as heart attacks or strokes. Sexual problems such as infertility and impotence are also a part of the harmful conditions caused by smoking. You can also suffer from health conditions such as high blood pressure and kidney failure. In order to avoid suffering from such harmful health conditions, it is advisable to quit smoking and live a healthy life. You can start by setting a date for yourself, by which time you would like to have quit your smoking habit.

You can take the help of prescription medications such as Champix for quitting your smoking habit. It is one of the recent additions in the list of medications used for helping in quitting your smoking habit. It consists of varenicline as its active ingredient. This pill works in two ways for helping you quit smoking. Firstly, it affects your nicotine receptors so that you are unable to experience any withdrawal symptoms during the treatment. Secondly, this pill influences your nicotine receptors so that you do not experience any pleasure or enjoyment if you smoke.

Champix is a 12 week treatment, by the end of which you will experience a change in your smoking habit. The dosage of the pill varies throughout your treatment, and so it is important that you follow the prescription. You are to start the dosage with a single 0.5mg pill for the first three days. You are then to take two 0.5mg pills for the next four days. For the rest of the 11 weeks, you are required to take 1mg pill for twice on a daily basis. This varenicline pill can be taken by men and women who are 18 years of age or older.

E cigarette kit- its cigarettes tastes as good as a real one

The e cigarette kit gives a user the freedom to comply with the no-smoking environment sign by smoking something, which is not cigarette but still it tastes like one. A person can smoke an e cigarette kit literally anywhere and anytime. It feels like a cigarette but it does not contain tobacco. A smoker raises his expenses by spending more on cigarette than on personal insurance, which brings him more health issues and more medical expenses. Overall, there are worse effects of smoking than any good ones not only for the smoker but also for the people and environment he is interacting with.

The e cigarette kit is economic and affordable exotic smoking experience. By switching to e cigarette kit, the user reaps more than one benefit by not only being able to reduce costs of smoking but also it helps in quitting it. The smoker feels better while using an rather than a real tobacco cigarette. Although the e cigarette serves as a substitute to smoking, yet it does not produce any smoke. For people who cannot help with holding a cigarette all the time this is a gift, which gives exactly the same feel as does the real cigarette minus tobacco and other harmful effects.

The comes in very trendy packing, which makes the user comfortable to carry it to workplace and other places. For those smokers who have family and kids and do not want to play the part in polluting the environment of their home themselves, this is a necessary buy. The packaging comes in many shapes and sizes giving a user the choice to select. The e cigarette kit accessories are easy available and harmless to use according to researchers. It enjoys a very commendable customer satisfaction rate.

The e cigarette kit includes batteries and charger to recharge the cigarettes any time anywhere. The shape and color of the cigarettes look much real that people around might ask to put out the cigarette. This is an example of the state-of-the-art micro technology producing a real time scenario without creating an uncomfortable environment for others. It has no tobacco that is why it does not produce any flame or smoke, but the tip of the cigarette lights up on inhaling it, which is evidence of smoking in itself. For convenient handling, a user manual is also provided with the pack.

The e cigarette kit is completely harmless and non-hazardous for people and environment other than the smoker.

E-Cig vapor keeps you safe and popular in society

Society is rather strict with those who smoke cigarette, and for valid reasons. If you are not ready to give up your habit of years and want to be in the company of your peers, choose electronic cigarette vapor over tobacco smoke.

So, what makes electronic cigarette vapor safe enough for society to accept it as against 'analog' cigarette? The e-juice, or the liquid contained in electronic cigarette is not pure nicotine. Tobacco cigarette contains pure tobacco, plus some 4,000 carcinogenic materials that are deadly dangerous to the health. On the contrary, the e-juice contains the nicotine being dissolved in as many as four different types of liquid. This makes the nicotine diluted. The effects of e-cig vapor are at least half lesser than compared to the smoke of tobacco cigarette.

The dilution of the nicotine makes the vapor exhaled from electronic cigarette safe for the passive smokers as well as the smoker. The e-juice, when exhaled as vapor, contains only 10% of nicotine. The rest 90% is simple water vapor. The troubles that passive smokers face due to the smoking of cigarette are unacceptable. The dangers that smokers cause to themselves is perhaps excusable, for they are doing it even though being aware of all circumstances. But the passive smokers that are harmed by being in vicinity of smokers are helpless victims of some nasty habits of people.

Electronic cigarette is the answer to these problems of passive smokers.

E-cig vapor is also a big relief from the nuisance of going outdoors to smoke. Summers are fine, for you can go outside as many times you want to puff cigarette. Though it annoys your family or friends immensely, you still do not care and go outside. But during winter months, you sometimes curse you smoking habit for you have to go outdoors to smoke or remain indoors without smoking a cigarette for long hours. Some find it tough to conceal their urge to smoke and smoke indoors.

E-juice keeps passive smokers safe, and also keeps your fire alarm from ringing and giving you a panic attack if you smoke inside. The vapor of e-juice is not 'smoke'. This is why the action of using electronic cigarette is not called 'smoking', but 'vaping'. The water vapor that is exhaled mixes with the air in no time, and the fire alarm rests in peace every time you vape an electronic cigarette.

Society is very critical about cleanliness of homes, and neighbors do not tire in finding a fault with your house. Already it is much difficult a task to keep a home clean and tidy if there are kids. Even if a house is only of adults, in these busy days, the Victorian "hearth" is no longer the heart of the house. In such conditions, it becomes rather intolerable to have someone who distributes stinky smelly cigarette smoke within the house. And there would be the trouble of patches in the wall if somebody smokes indoors, or even near the outdoor walls. Electronic cigarette vapor saves you from all such problems. The e-vapor is smokeless and does not cause any sort of mark or patch anywhere.

Also, e-cig vapor is never the culprit to get you yellow patches on the teeth or brown marks on your finger tips. You get accepted in the society just as any non-smoker is once you start using electronic cigarette.

The best way to start this experience would be through cheap electronic cigarette starter kit.