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How to Prevent Acne and Retain Beautiful Skin

One of the most problematic skin diseases is Acne. This has physical and emotional repercussions which makes the issue even worse. The worst thing is that it is immensely common. That is, anyone can have this. Often, it starts during puberty and ends after their teens. Unfortunately, some continue to have this problem even in their late 20s and 30s.

Because it is so common, you will find various medicines for it. However, a lot of people are looking for ways on how to prevent acne and completely end their woes with it. Here are a few things you can do:

Wash your face - A lot of people know how important this habit is but not everyone do this all the time. The rationale behind this is to get rid of the dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria stuck inside the pores of the skin. Make time to work on this in the morning before you start your day and in the evening after all the things you have done.

Choose the right anti-acne medicine - Because of panic and getting deceived by advertisements, a lot of people just get tubes and bottles of anti-acne medications without making sure that this is the right one for them. Know that this will actually cause worst problems.

Rest and Sleep matters - It is said that stress is not a cause of acne. It really is not but it will be a risk factor which will aggravate the presence or the possibility of one having acne. Sleeping 8 hours a day and resting when you can, will help you strengthen your immune system and fight off the bacterial invasion.

Eating the right kind of food - This is another way on how to prevent acne. Like rest and sleep, doctors believe that this will not cause acne. However, it is a well known fact that it can aggravate the current condition your acne. For instance, eating overly oily foods can also increase the oil deposits on your face, making things worse for your skin.

Exercise always helps - Sweating, which you will do a lot during work our sessions, can help wash out all the dirt and grime stuck in the pores of the skin preventing acne. Besides that, exercising can release certain hormones which will help you reinforce your immune system and help your combat acne invasion.

When you think about it, all those can be summed up into this simple fact: know what to avoid and avoid what you must. With information free for all, this is so easy to acquire. The problem is that people do not have the discipline to do it. Give all these ways on how to prevent acne a try. It's all very simple, really. It all takes patience, determination and sheer will power to accomplish.

New Approach To Acne Control – By Mike Walden

Acne has been around since the earliest civilizations. And although medicine and dermatology have already advanced, many people in the modern world are still menaced by it. The truth is that almost everyone will have to deal with this problem. And although it usually plaques teens, it can also happen to adults.

But your luck may have just come. Thanks to the efforts of Mike Walden, a new and effective solution to acne is made available to thousands of people. He detailed his acne treatment solution in his eBook titled Acne No More. If you are interested, read more and learn about its magic.

The acne control solution that Mike Walden came up with is an 8-week detoxification diet plan designed to flush bodily toxins. These toxins are believed to cause pimple outbreaks. If followed correctly, this diet plan can get rid of acne breakouts in a short period of time. Yes, it does require a lot of discipline in following the instructions carefully. But considering the benefits, it is all worth it.

And throughout the 8-week diet plan, there will be shorter periods of fasting that will be included. These includes juice fasting which are designed to cleanse the kidney and liver of toxins. If you do these things correctly, not only will you get rid of pimples but you will also have an overall healthier body.

And to make sure that he addressed all possible sources of acne breakouts, Mike Walden also covered the emotional causes of pimples. He understands that pimples are also caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. And when a person is emotionally unstable or is physically stressed, hormonal imbalances can occur.

This is why the author dedicated sections in his eBook that deals with stress management. With the help of this, readers can avoid situations that can worsen the condition of their acne. From observation, it seems that many people are ignoring this chapter. However, it is a very effective tool if used correctly.

Another beauty of the 8-week diet plan of the eBook Acne No More is that it does not require the use of any topically applied acne treatments. You will not be using creams, lotions, astringents, or solutions. This will be a pleasing idea for people who cannot put up with applying cosmetics to their skin several times per day. Also, this will help you prevent cosmetic-related side effects.

For instance, many acne treatment creams and lotions available in the market contain ingredients which can cause allergic reactions. Some of these ingredients may actually be good but only for short term use. Tretinoin for example has always been used to treat acne. But it can also result in skin discoloration and skin photosensitivity. Even high-grade ingredients like AHA and BHA can sometimes result in dryness.

Skin Lightening For Black People

Not all makeup can overcome heat, humidity, rain and eight hours of the office environment. But thankfully, even the most seemingly dire makeup mishaps can be fixed discreetly in the office with a carefully packed tool kit. And better yet, most catastrophes can be prevented in the first place by using the right products.

Read on to learn what to pack in your tool kit and how to use these products to refresh your makeup midday.

How to fix - and prevent - common makeup mishaps at the office

Faded foundation

Prevent: In the summer, it's best to skip foundation and let your skin breathe. But if you can't part with it, choose a powder foundation that is lighter and less likely to run or smear during the course of the day. Matte powder foundations like bareMinerals MATTE SPF 15 Foundation will also help minimize shine in warm weather.
Fix: If you find your foundation a bit faded, or you just need an afternoon pick-me-up, dab some concealer under your eyes and over problem areas to give your face a renewed look. Blotting your face with blotting papers throughout the day can also help absorb oil without messing up your makeup.
Uneven lipstick

Prevent: The simplest way to keep lipstick evenly distributed is to use a lip primer, which essentially creates an even base for your color and keeps your hue strong throughout the day. As M.A.C. Cosmetics Senior Artist John Stapleton says, "If you want paint to stick on the wall you need to prime it first." Try a primer like Too Faced Lip Insurance to keep your lipstick from fading, bleeding and creasing.
To learn more tricks and tips on lipstick, see our article Change Your Look: Eye MakeupHistory and How-To.

Fix: If you have a lipstick dilemma but are without your makeup bag, try dabbing a cotton swab dipped in a little moisturizer over the smudged area to diffuse the color. To redistribute color and give your lips a renewed look, swipe on a sheer lip gloss or balm.
Smudged eyeliner

Prevent: Unfortunately, eye pencils don't bode well in the hot summer months, and often end up looking smudged or patchy after a few hours. For all-day wear in the summer, switch to waterproof liquid eye liner, like Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner.
To learn more about eye liner, see our article Change Your Look: Eye Makeup History and How-To.

Fix: If you don't have your eye liner with you to reapply the line, use a cotton swab dipped in a bit of water or moisturizer to blend the smudged areas. Better yet, keep an eye liner brush in your desk for a more professional-looking fix.
Creased eye shadow

Prevent: In the summer months, choose lighter, powder-based eye shadows instead of cream-based ones, which can make your eyes look sweaty and oily as the day goes on. To prevent the powders from creasing, start with an eye shadow base like Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer to give the shadow a foundation to cling to, keeping your color even throughout the day.
Fix: To quickly fix eye shadow creasing, smudge the shadow with your fingertips, a cotton swab or, even better, an eye shadow brush to re-blend the color. If you can, apply a neutral shade of eye shadow over your old makeup to smooth out the creases and freshen up your look.
Runny mascara

Prevent: Mascara can easily run in humid weather, so start by choosing a waterproof brand, like Colorescience Pro Waterproof Mascara, especially in the hot months of summer. Makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff explains, "Regular mascara tends to flake off and rub off." If you prefer your regular water-based mascara, at least use a waterproof brand as a second coat. If you still have trouble with running, try skipping mascara on the lower lashes, which is where mascara is most likely to smear and run.
To learn more about mascara, see our article Mastering the Art of Mascara: History and How-To.

Fix: If you find yourself with runny mascara midday at the office, blot the smudge away with a wet cotton swab or paper towel. Apply concealer under your eyes to cover up any remaining dark tinge.
Packing your office makeup tool kit

To fix your makeup during office hours, your basic office makeup tool kit should fit inside a small, portable bag and consist of:

Cotton swabs. Choose cotton swabs that are 100 percent cotton for high-quality results.
Moisturizer. A lightweight, oil-free lotion like Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer can help with everything from blending smeared foundation to removing mascara streaks.
Sheer lip gloss or balm. Try a non-sticky gloss like DuWop Elixrstix Clarity or a moisturizing balm like L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm to hydrate your lips and refresh dull lip color.
Eye liner and shadow brush. Pick a dual-sided brush like Jane Iredale Eyeliner Brow Brush, which will fix both liner and shadow issues.
Neutral shade eye shadow. Choose a travel-friendly pressed powder shadow like Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow, which will help fix smudged shadow regardless of the shade you put on this morning.
Concealer. Keep a multi-purpose concealer in your kit, like CoverBlend Multi Function Concealer, to help disguise makeup imperfections, redness or a pesky pimple.
Blotting papers. These lightweight sheets will remove excess shine while leaving your makeup intact. Try Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens.

How Eczema can take its toll on your life

Eczema Can Take It's Toll

As a person who suffers from eczema I can tell you this condition is something that most who suffer with would agree they could live without. Eczema is a skin condition where the skin has dry itchy patches of skin or rashes that frequently occur. In the most severe cases it can be embarrassing and affect your social life and your self esteem.Eczema is considered an allergic disease.

Eczema is seen very commonly with asthmatic patients and is thought to be cause by unusually clean environments. It has been suggested that eczema occurs from reaction to secretions from household dust mites. The reaction varies from person to person depending on how bad their allergy is. Stress can also be a significant trigger for an eczema outbreak.

In the worse cases of eczema symptoms can include, itchy patches of skin, rashes, blistering, oozing, redness, bleeding, and skin edema or in simpler terms swelling.

Scratching an open sore on your eczema can create a scar or skin discoloration in the healing processed that will take time to go back to normal and in some cases is permanent. Many people with the disease in its worse are embarrassed to go out in public in fear people will treat them badly and stare. This takes a toll on one's mentality and often leads to depression especially in adolescence.

As far as treatment goes it is a trial and error process to see what works best for your symptoms. There are corticosteroids that are injected or orally taken are best for severe cases of eczema proving to significantly lessen the symptoms of eczema. Though these can bring great improvement to those suffering, there are much like in any other treatment some possible side effects that may not be worth the beneficial value of this treatment. Another simple treatment that can cause some relief are moisturizers which help with the dryness and itching. It's best to find a moisturizer that is unscented and hasn't got an oily texture. In some extreme case when eczema does not respond to other treatments immunosuppressant drugs are prescribed. These weaken the immune system and can provide dramatic improvement to symptoms but can take a major toll on ones body. If these are prescribed you will have to be closely monitored by your doctor and have many blood tests to make sure you do not get sick. All treatments for eczema are to treat the symptoms of eczema and give patients relief. There is no known cure for eczema.Drinking plenty of water can have some benefits to your comfort as well.
Eczema can have a variety of triggers such as a food allergy or even environmentally like previously stated. It is important that if you have severe cases of eczema outbreak that you take note to anything you may have changed such as laundry detergent, a new good, or a new place and discuss this with your doctor.

Though Eczema can not be cured it can be treated even in its most severe state.

If you would like further information it can be found at


Everybody wants to look young and beautiful and why not? They too have right to enhance their beauty and look great. It is not abnormal or surprising to look great everytime , everybody hates wrinkles and the frown lines on their face, they wants to bring out the best in them and enhance their facial features. And this is where Anti-Wrinkle Brisbane medicine helps women to extend the longevity of you face and that glow which goes off with the increasing age.
There was a time when biology was considered destiny but now with the help of science we can change our destiny as well and why shouldn't we , if we have technology that can makes us look younger then why not ? Who wants to look like an old sagging woman? AntiWrinkle Brisbane is a treatment which helps us to achieve that younger looking skin we long for. Though it's true that you cannot avoid aging but we can revert or diminish the effects of ageing, we can control the way we look now. And AntiWrinkle Brisbane program is well suited for people who want to look younger and feel fresh as ever.
The AntiWrinkle Brisbane is for skin related issues and is consist of a compound which is injected in small quantities inside the skin, around the area of mouth and eyes. The Anti- Wrinkle Brisbane treatment relaxes the muscles that are creating the lines and wrinkles. AntiWrinkle Brisbane makes us looks rejuvenated and helps our skin to glow and breath. It stops the muscles from moving around the area where the frown lines develop, hence making it look like a million dollar face. The AntiWrinkle Brisbane surgery is expensive but the treatment takes very little time and the treatment last for good 4-6 months. 
Botox, antiwrinkle injections Brisbane is an advanced and safe treatment for those people who are looking for a quick result of the treatment and are scared of going under the knife. You can get great results by combining Anti-Wrinkle Brisbane treatment with other treatments such as peeling, muscle relaxation etc. 
For those who are going for the AntiWrinkle Brisbane treatment make sure you ask your doctor everything about the treatment so that you get what you need and are not misguided by anyone . 
People who are allergic to many substances or ones who get easily allergic should not go for this treatment as it can be dangerous to your health and your face. Women who are pregnant and who also who are planning ahead should avoid this treatment to be on the safer side and especially people having the history of Anaphylaxis should totally avoid it.
There is nothing to be afraid of while going through the program, it's fast and gives quick result and you have to make sure that you follow your doctor's advice post AntiWrinkle Brisbane treatment to recover fast and enjoy that radiating looking face and live a life you how you always wanted to live.

Say Goodbye To Acne With Chris Gibson

It is a problem that many people will face at some point in their life. Usually, it happens during teenage years but sometimes persists towards adulthood. If you are one of those who suffered from severe cases of acne breakouts, you have probably already tried every acne treatment available to you like creams, astringents, lotions, and facial washes. You may have even spent on facial treatments offered by salons. Of course, you did not find the cure you were looking for.

If this story sounds a lot like your experience with acne, then it is time to discover a new treatment method. With the help of the eBook Acne Free in 3 Days authored by Chris Gibson, you will soon discover a new you. It effectiveness has already helped thousands of people around the globe.

One thing you might like about this new acne treatment method is that it makes no use of creams, lotions, astringents, and other locally available medications and drugs designed to fight acne. Simply put, there will be no topically applied solution. This will be very favorable for people, especially men, who hate the idea of applying things to their skin every now and then.

Because of this, you will also be able to avoid side effects brought by anti-acne cosmetic products. For instance, many of these products contain active ingredients which many people can be allergic to. Some examples include AHA, salicylic acid, tretinoin, and retinol. Some of these ingredients can even make the skin sensitive to sunlight and cause discoloration.

But perhaps the best attraction of the eBook of Chris Gibson is its claim that it can get rid of acne after only three days. But the question is, is it plausible to believe that acne can be treated in such a short period of time? It depends really. If you case is mild, three days will be enough for you. If your case severe, you might need a few weeks. However, you will surely see noticeable results in 3 days.

So if you have a party to attend to next week and your face is still stricken with tomato-like pimples, it would be best for you to use the methods mentioned in Acne Free in 3 Days. The results are fast and reliable.

So how will Chris Gibson help get rid of your acne if his method does not involve the use of any creams, lotions, or astringents? The secret all lies in the 3-day detox diet plan described by the author in his eBook. This is what will stop the breakouts.

But to benefit from it, you must religiously follow every detail of the instructions. This includes eating nothing else other than what is mentioned in the book. If you do not do the steps exactly as described, the treatment might not work.


These days both men and women are very conscious about how they look and they want continue looking good. There was a time when we could not help how we looked; we couldn't correct flaws which came with the increasing age like wrinkles and frown lines and dealing with wrinkles is one of the issues some people have to go through but thanks to science, now we have anti-wrinkle creams and Anti-Wrinkle Injections to go for. Though both gives out the same result, the only difference is of the amount of time they both take to gives out the desirable result. And if you are the one who wants the result to pop out like popcorn then Anti-Wrinkle Injections Brisbane is what you need. 
Botox, Anti-wrinkle injections are made of the compound Botulinum and are basically highly purified protein, it blocks the nerve impulses which help the muscle to move and therefore, it smoothens the area of the face where the injection is injected and clear the wrinkles which are caused by regular facial expressions, Botox -Anti-Wrinkle Injections Brisbane helps to relax them and makes sure they don't turn up again for acouple of months. 
The procedure of getting the Anti-Wrinkle injections Brisbane is not so complex, the whole treatment takes around 10 to maximum 15 minutes. A few tiny Anti-Wrinkle injections are given on the muscle that causes those lines and it relaxes them thereafter. No anaesthesia is given during the whole treatment as it isn't very painful. There is hardly any pain and very little discomfort. For women seeking for a quick result this is a great deal to go for. Though getting an Anti-wrinkle injections Brisbane is a costly treatment but you have to make sure that just to save some bucks you don't end up getting messed up from some unprofessional cosmetic doctor. 
Yes, just like any other cosmetic treatment, you have to take care of few things in this as well 
1. Just after the treatment, you will experience some redness around the area causing itchiness and little pain, though it's temporary and sometimes unnoticeable but if the treatment is not done in a proper manner, this can be dangerous.
2. Like mentioned above , the Anti-wrinkle injections Brisbane are made by the compound Botulinum and if it is taken in large quantities it can be dangerous to health and can sometimes even lead to death of the person , so you have to make sure that the doctor you choose is experienced in the field and have done many cosmetic surgeries before . 
3. Just after the treatment you are advised not to sleep for few hours and not to pick any weights or heavy stuffs.

Just with good knowledge and a good doctor you sure cannot go wrong with this and can get the gorgeous younger looking skin.

10 Summer Wedges Under $75

  • Walk Tall
  • Walk Tall

    One of the best parts of summer fashion is the shoes, and this year is no exception—especially since the new "it" footwear is a wedge. From classic espadrilles to sexy T-straps, check out which sandals we picke

    • Golden Girl
    • Golden Girl

      Must-have metallic gold sling-backs with braided straps and cork heels are guaranteed to add a bit of glitz to a summer shift or maxi dress.Michael Kors "Palm Beach" Wedge Sandals, $58.80;

      • Canvas the Streets
      • Canvas the Streets

        These wedges have a low heel with a padded insole for comfort, and crisscross linen straps for breathability so you can walk in style from sunup to sundown. Lucky Brand "Nami" Wedge Sandals, $59.99;

        • Red Hot
        • Red Hot

          These red canvas wedges will add a fresh pop of color to an otherwise ordinary ensemble, and the insole is cushioned for easy all-day wear. Bonus: For every pair of TOMS purchased, a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need. Red Canvas Women's Wedges, $69;

          • What a Gem
          • What a Gem

            Liven up your look with these turquoise-colored suede sling-backs that feature a stylish knot over a feminine peep toe—perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans or accentuating a brightly patterned skirt. BRIDGIT, $29.99;

            • Go the Distance
            • Go the Distance

              You'll be stepping in comfort from nine-to-five and beyond in these chic wedge sandals. The padded insoles are easy on your feet, while the woven orange straps along the top are easy on the eyes. Guava Plush, $49.99;

              • Basic Black
              • Basic Black

                These might just end up being your go-to pair of shoes for the summer. The low heel and classic black hue mean they'll match almost any outfit, while the unique slipknot-inspired design adds a touch of easy elegance. Starlet Mid Wedge Sling, $16.99;

10 Stylish Summer Sundresses Under $50

  • Dress the Part
  • Dress the Part

    Effortlessly stylish and comfortably breezy, sundresses are at the front of every woman's closet during the summer months. Whether you're looking to hit a picnic in the park or an evening cocktail hour, these reasonably priced picks, from short styles with eye-popping prints to elegant maxi dresses, will have you looking your seasonal best.

    • Cheap Frills
    • Cheap Frills

      The décolletage-enhancing ruffles and hip-skimming tier on this comfy cotton dress will stylishly add curves to a boyish figure. Add a pop of color to the neutral number by pairing it with brightly hued shoes or a chic bundle of bangles. Women's Ruffled Chiffon Dress in Orange Dot Print; $44.94,

      • Pane Is Beauty
      • Pane Is Beauty

        Make a fashion statement in this swingy, stained-glass-patterned stunner featuring eye-catching embellishments along the neckline. During the workday, make it office-appropriate with a cardigan and dainty flats to compensate for its relatively short length. Simply Vera Vera Wang Embellished Satin Dress; $34,

        • Jersey Girl
        • Jersey Girl

          This figure-hugging number features a modest just-below-the-knee length to balance out a sexy plunging V-neck. Let the splashy pattern speak for itself by opting for low-key accessories, like gold jewelry or nude-colored heels. Miss Tina Women's Print Sleeveless Belted Sash Dress; $18;

          • In Full Bloom
          • In Full Bloom

            This sexy sheath boasts a pretty floral print design plus cap sleeves that show off toned shoulders. Shift into evening mode by pairing it with strappy sandals or pointy pumps to flaunt suntanned gams. Sangria Capsleeve Border Print Sheath Dress; $39.99,

            • To the Maxi
            • To the Maxi

              We love this maxi's pretty pink pattern, trendy racer-back design and cinched waist, which nips in just the right figure-flattering spot. To boot, the eye-catching print allows you to go easy on the accessories.Collective Concepts Maxi with Knit Detail; $36.99,

              • Sunny Side Up
              • Sunny Side Up

                Calling all petites! Dainty details like V-neck ruffles, a waist-cinching belt and a subtle polka-dot pattern make this dress effortlessly flirty. For work-friendly mode, team it with a pair of kitten-heeled pumps, then later slip your feet into something strappier before heading to happy hour. Ruffle Neck Sundress, Petites; $29.99,

                • Feminine Edge
                • Feminine Edge

                  If you love to mix modern and classic styles, consider this eclectic A-line number, which has an asymmetrical neckline to offset the girliness of a floral print, skinny belt and pretty pleats. Top it with a black blazer at the office, but go bare-shouldered at night to reveal your fashion-forward style. Asymmetrical V-Neck Sundress; $34.99,

                  • Shift into Neutral
                  • Shift into Neutral

                    Featuring a breezy tank-style top and a sandy hue, this casual sheath is as simple as it is stylish. Dress it up by finishing the look with leg-lengthening wedges. Calypso St. Barth for Target Embroidered Tank Dress in Pita Bread; $39.99,

                    • Lime Light
                    • Lime Light

                      Green never looked so good. Flaunt your love for cheery summer fashion in this ruffled-scoop-neck dress that features a wide ribbon waist tie. A conservative bustline renders it nine-to-five-ready, while a contoured cut ensures a flattering fit. Scoop Ruffle Neck Sleeveless Dress, Petites $29.99;

                      • Strap Happy
                      • Strap Happy

                        A Grecian-style strap plus an ocean-blue hue makes this flowing dress perfect for days at the shore. Take advantage of its singular shade by accessorizing with eye-catching jewelry or a trendy straw hat. Women's One-Shoulder Maxi Dress; $16,